Welcome F1 Fans.... The competition has no prizes, just glory :-)

Again I would like to thank all those that emailed asking if the competition was running again this year. It is good to know you are out there :-) Thanks for your interest and support.

To enter pick a total of 6 drivers from 2 groups and 6 constructors from 2 groups and a total winning race time for a tie breaker.

If one of your drivers is replaced mid year you will not get points for the replacement, so pick carefully.

The scoring and screen layouts are similar to previous years. A number next to a team name indicates last years result. This is for the top 20 fantasy teams from last year.

Include a group name during entry and get your friends and colleagues to do the same then search on group name for filtered results.

You can amend your entry as much as you want up to Friday 16 March 2007 at 17.30 GMT. You will receive email conformation for your entry and any subsequent changes.

One entry per person, any problems email me, ff1 at heslington.com... If you have emailed me in the past and not received a reply please accept my apologies. I receive an awful lot of spam (100-200 a day) and sometimes miss emails if the subjects aren't relevant.

Thats it, enjoy the season...

10:00 28 January 2007 - Starting 2007 web development!!

08:16 19 February 2007 - FF1 2007 open for entries

07:30 19 March 2007 - A few entries that had updates after 17:30 on Friday (ie after qualifying!) have been reversed in the interests of fairness. Sorry for tempting you by not closing it in time.

11:26 12 April 2007 - Malaysia results, sorry for the massive delay in updating the results. I was swamped. I will be looking for an easier method of updating the results in order not to upset everyones Monday morning coffee routine at work! Incidentally there are alot of duplicate entires this year so Silverstones race will be watched with anticipation for the tiebreak!

17:55 9 July 2007 - Great Britain Results, I have manually done the tiebreaks for the first 39 positions. I will do the rest shortly and make the tiebreaks visible for you all to check :-) Hope you enjoyed the Race !

00:43 30 July 2007 - European Results, One again apologies for the slow update. You will be pleased to know I have asked for some help so you will all have speedy updates from now on.. Good race though !

00:03 23 September 2007 - Apologies for the extended downtime. A very curious user in China so badly wanted to read my spam that he filled up the logs, and the hardrive, and subsequently the harddisk died. I guess from the disk thrashing ?? Who knows... He could have asked and I would have redirected all my spam to him !! Anyway it is mostly back up and running, on Fedora Core rather than Redhat 7.3 incidentally. There are a few things still not working but I am getting there.

Lets hope the last 3 races of the season go better. My thanks to Graham for helping with the updating...

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