Welcome F1 Fans.... The competition has no prizes, just glory :-)

Again I would like to thank all those that emailed asking if the competition was running again this year. It is good to know you are out there :-) Thanks for your interest and support.

To enter pick a total of 6 drivers from 2 groups and 6 constructors from 2 groups and a total winning race time for a tie breaker.

If one of your drivers is replaced mid year you will not get points for the replacement, so pick carefully.

The scoring and screen layouts are similar to previous years. A number next to a team name indicates last years result. This is for the top 20 fantasy teams from last year.

Include a group name during entry and get your friends and colleagues to do the same then search on group name for filtered results.

You can amend your entry as much as you want up to Thursday 9th March 2006 at 17.30 GMT. You will receive email conformation for your entry and any subsequent changes.

One entry per person, any problems email me, ff1 at heslington.com... If you have emailed me in the past and not received a reply please accept my apologies. I receive an awful lot of spam (100-200 a day) and sometimes miss emails if the subjects aren't relevant.

Thats it, enjoy the season...

01:11 20 February 2006 - Ready to go !!

22:45 15 March 2006 - Apologies for the delay in publishing the first results of the season. The server is being going to be migrated to Fedora FC4 in order to increase security in the near future.

17:46 02 April 2006 - Australia - Scott Speed finished eighth but had 25 seconds added to his race time for lack of attention to yellow flags.

23:17 09 May 2006 - Sorry but there was an error in the European results where Massa had 0 points and M Schumacher had a few extra ! as I had not yet watched the race I was trying not to remember the results as I updated the website. All fixed as of now. Thanks to all who emailed in and I hope I didn't miss any in the spam !

00:01 04 September 2006 - Thanks to those that spotted the deliberate (not) mistake in the Turkish results where Barrichello was deprived and Trulli doubled up! All the results are amended.

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