Formula 1 2010
posted: 15-02-2009
Fantasy Formula One 2010 now open!

Formula 1 2010
posted: 15-02-2010
Fantasy Formula One will be running this year. Open for entries soon...

Formula 1 2009
posted: 16-03-2009
Fantasy Formula One 2009 now open!

Formula 1 2008
posted: 21-02-2008
Fantasy Formula One 2008 now open!

Formula 1 2007
posted: 19-02-2007
Fantasy Formula One 2007 now open!

Formula 1 2006
posted: 20-02-2006
Fantasy Formula One 2006 is here!

Formula 1 2005
posted: 06-02-2005
Fantasy Formula One 2005 is here!

Formula 1 2004
posted: 15-02-2004
Fantasy Formula One 2004 is now open for entries !!!

Russian Language support added
posted: 03-10-2003
Ukrainian to follow soon...

Formula 1 2003
posted: 17-02-2003
Fantasy F1 Competition Open to all

Wish List
posted: 18-11-2002
Finally did it. Password Required. registered!
posted: 17-08-2002
been waiting a while...

posted: 18-05-2002
won't forget my anniversary this way ;-)

Server comes online..
posted: 30-01-2001 is alive.. first registered
posted: 23-12-1998
The site is up and running


When in the world were things first mentioned?
Usenet - 1981
1001 things you never wanted to know but will find amusing anyway.

Wedding Photos
Large Family ... Lots of Weddings
- Mike and Marni ... The first!! >>
- Ginny and Andre >>
- Dean and Oksana >>
- Natalie and Richard >>
- Pete and ???? >> apply here

Eddie ( speaking on behalf of
Maybe ask one of your web mates, Gav for instance, he maybe able to assist you

Eddie Jordan
I would miss that lovely looking penguin at the top, please keep that

Hue Hefner
isnt it about time you gave your website a refresh?

By the way, you're email address is blocked by your net provider

Thank you for F1 2008!

Cheers for F1 2007. Hope it's back for 2008!

robin hugo
who let the dog's out?

Thank you for F1 2006. Looking forward to next year!

Look forward to entering again in 2005 and this time when I swap Kimi for Jensen I won't change back. Damn that cost me dearly :-(

Bring on the F1. Top 20 finish
this time :-)

Я люблю Васб, Оксана

очень хороший

Bring on the F1. Top 20 finish
this time :-)

cool, new design is lookin wicked! :-) might have 'borrow' some ideas! :-D